Connnecting Parallel Lines

Wow Luigi. Welcome to WordPress. Such an interesting piece. Not sure if it is autobiographical or fiction. But interesting nontheless. I look forward to more great stuff. See you in November. Sx

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I started a new painting. No big deal. I have started and finished about 200 paintings. On wood, canvas, paper. Most are in the garage. One’s in Perth, Australia; another’s set for LA. Twenty or so are in a couple of locales. But most are here and not going anywhere fast. But the point is what I have Painted, but I am going to paint next. That is Always the point. On occasions, on finishing a painting, I was stumped for my next, but it would come soon enough. In a dream, or a daytime vision, or from the support itself – plain White paper, wood board, canvas. Not knowing what next to do was and is unpleasant; to date, the restlessness is/was shortlived. And I thank muses and the Great Unknown. I Always tried to do something new. It is and was important not to repeat myself. A new…

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My practice takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Individual projects are grouped around specific themes and meanings and often have multiple parts deploying a range of media that includes Photography and a variety of printed impressions.

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