The Criminalisation of Begging

I like the way you think and this article clarifies a situation I had not been aware of. Thanks

The Idle European

In most European cities, it is common to find a lone Roma beggar sitting at a corner of a street with a coffee cup in hand. Many of these beggars have moved to west in hopes of earning more money in wealthier countries with less competition. Many people are annoyed of the sight of begging Roma, and the Norwegian government is now discussing a national ban to remove the beggars from the townscape.

The ban would not only make the act of begging illegal but it would also ban the well-meaning Norwegians from giving aid to the beggars, be it monetary or material. Consequently this has left many Europeans baffled and enraged citizens and politicians alike. Some see it as a vicious attack against the poor minority.

Begging has always been a complex issue. The problem is that it may often be organized: the poor people are approached in their…

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